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The Permit Process

We get a large number of our customers requesting information about the permit process. Depending on the jurisdiction, permits can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to process. However, the time of year and other variables, including the amount of people employed at the City, can affect the permit process. You have two options before you […]

Jon Boyle

Jon Boyle has worked as a tradesman for Alderidge since January 2014. He is loved by the crew and is notorious for singing a little tune to himself while he works! Jon is a great framer and excels at finishing work, taking great pride in precision and the finished product. Part of Jon’s passion and […]

Doug Toews

Doug is our cabinetry expert and shop manager. With 15 years’ experience in cabinetry, Doug is skilled at designing and creating unique and detailed pieces. His favourite jobs include clean, modern designs with a touch of craftsman, creative and cultural elements. Doug enjoys the detailed components of a job that customers notice and appreciate. He […]

Keshia Weaver

Keshia has been the office administrator since April 2015. From customer service, bookkeeping, personal assisting and scheduling, she can do it all! On any given day you can find Keshia keeping the guys in line while singing to music, calling customers and checking off her to-do list. Keshia loves interior design. Her favourite projects include […]

Ian Akers

Ian has worked for Alderidge for just over 2 years. On any given day he can be found creating cabinetry masterpieces in the shop. Ian has worked with wood since he was a teenager and enjoys the creativity and joy that comes along with bringing a customer’s idea to life. Working alongside Doug Toews, Ian is responsible for everything […]

Waterproofing Your Shower

At Alderidge, we take care of many different components of a person’s home, but we have found that we go through stages where we are on a specific task on many different jobs at the same time. Lately we have been performing quite a few bathroom renovations. We have been doing a lot of tile setting, […]

Helping the less fortunate

As owners of Alderidge (Erik and Mark), we have decided that as a company we want to be intentional about helping those that have great needs. One of our “Core Ideologies” is “Actively pursuing ways that we can use our gifts to help the less fortunate”. Many of the guys that work with us have […]

Do it yourself or call the professionals?

In the home renovation and insurance restoration industry, we get the privilege of meeting many people and seeing many homes. Last year we were in close to 250 homes all over the greater Vancouver area from Richmond to Hope. Being in that many homes, we have seen a wide variety in the way that people […]

Insurance claims with cold weather

The temperature has seemed to drop drastically in the last couple of weeks, and winter is fast approaching. We have noticed that once the temperature drops, we start to get a lot more calls that are related to house insurance. Whether it be through the restoration companies that we work with or elsewhere, November is […]