Building and Designing for Your Needs

Our Team is wired to build your custom home with care and quality first. We choose not to commit our energy and resources to 'spec homes' as we enjoy the creative process with our clients. Your custom home will stand out because it will reflect your unique needs, and every little detail will be performed with the utmost care.

Custom Home Renovations & Additions

A residential renovation or addition can become overwhelming very quickly, and often before any work has even been done. Paperwork in relation to the City could involve site surveys, environmental concerns, plans, structural engineering, submissions and geotechnical engineering (and more!). It is important to hire a team that is respected in the community and that has partnerships in place to ensure that the planning stage runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Existing homes can be full of surprises depending on how they have been built, who has previously worked on it, or who in the past has neglected to work on it! Our aim is to problem solve and anticipate potential challanges as much as possible in the planning stage of a project prior to site work commencing. Items that you may want to add to the scope of work after a project has started will be discussed, documented and approved by you as they happen so that you can keep track of your project schedule and budget.

Our team appreciates the challenge and creativity of working on each unique home. Our experienced Project Managers communicate with our in-house designers, cabinetry specialist, office staff and carpenters to make sure the entire process is a seamless as possible. The long standing relationships we have with our sub-trades and outside suppliers as well as our online scheduling and communication system ensures that you can be at peace knowing your project is reflecting your wishes each step of the way.


Building strong communities

Affordable housing is a phrase that is heard more and more as the population in our beautiful area continues to increase. We have an interest in providing new solutions for this problem in real estate and specifically in land development. Our team, systems and experience in residential construction gives us a unique position to make an impact in this market. Let us know if you would like to be a part of investing with us to make a positive impact in this area.
Investment Opportunities