5 Practical Ideas for Your Custom Home

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If you are considering hiring a professional to construct the home of your dreams, it can be difficult to determine which features to include in your new living space. While many homeowners think about how they want their home to look, it is equally important to think about liveability and functionality. To ensure optimal functionality for your new living space, the custom home experts at Alderidge Construction have compiled a list of 5 practical ideas for your custom home.

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5 Features to Include for Your Custom Home

The following features will significantly enhance liveability, efficiency, and comfort for your custom home:

1. Built-In Storage

Storage is a vital yet often overlooked element for homes of all styles and sizes. While many people think of specific rooms or bins for storage, there are many creative ways to increase storage, appeal, and functionality throughout your home. Consider installing built-in shelving throughout key rooms in your home or think about creating a storage room beneath your stairs. Both of these options give you the storage you need to keep your home clean, organized, and appealing for years to come.

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2. Additional Outlets

Outlet availability is another commonly overlooked feature for custom homes. To ensure that you always have access to power when you need it, consider installing additional outlets in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, living room, and home office. Some outlets can even be installed in cabinets or built-in storage features, giving you the power you need without becoming an eyesore.

3. Purpose-Built Rooms

When it comes to rooms for a custom home, most people think of bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas, the living room, and the kitchen. While each of these spaces are invaluable for every home, it is worth considering some additional purpose-built rooms in your design if you have the space. For example, you can consider building a dedicated home office instead of converting a bedroom into a makeshift space. Other examples of purpose-built spaces include home gyms, indoor gardens, and home theatres.

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4. Large Windows

Natural light should be utilized in every home to increase visibility while decreasing energy consumption during the day. To maximize the amount of natural light your home receives, have your builder create a design that utilizes large windows throughout your home. This will minimize the need for artificial lighting during the day, letting you reduce your energy costs without compromising safety or comfort.

5. An Expanded Garage

If you have a large family or are intending to have multiple generations living within your home, it is never a bad idea to have an expanded garage. Even if you do not use the extra car space at first, it can be used for valuable storage space, a workshop, or even a home gym.

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