Exterior Home Design Trends

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As a leading custom builder in Abbotsford, BC, the team at Alderidge Construction prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of home design. We understand how exterior home aesthetics can dramatically enhance your home’s appeal, value, and functionality. This is why we always aim to keep our clients informed about the latest exterior home design trends.

1. Dark Exterior Palettes

We are seeing a strong shift towards dark and dramatic exteriors. This modern, bold aesthetic makes a strong statement and beautifully contrasts with a verdant landscape. Deep charcoals, midnight blues, and even striking blacks are being embraced by homeowners seeking to make a memorable impression. There is no need to have the entire home wrapped up in dark exterior palettes. You can always select a smaller section and accentuate just a part.

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2. Getting Back to Nature

Everyone wants their home to be the epicenter of serenity and peace. Earthy tones, wood, stone, and brick can give a luxurious yet timeless vibe. With a more natural look, your house will seamlessly blend in and be a part of the yard. You could also build on that and create an indoor-outdoor harmony of living spaces. By adding sliding glass doors or easily removable panels, you could open up your home and close it off when necessary.

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3. Mixed Materials

The trend of mixing different materials like wood, metal, and stone on the exterior of a home adds visual interest and creates a unique aesthetic. This technique allows for a custom and personalized design, blending modern and traditional elements to craft a home that truly stands out.

4. Bold Front Doors

First impressions matter, and your front door can say a lot about your home. A growing trend is to use the front door or garage doors as a statement piece. Bold colours, oversized designs, and unique hardware are some of the ways homeowners are elevating their entryways and driveways.

5. Large Windows

Letting in natural light and connecting the indoor and outdoor space has always been a focus in home design, but now it is a top priority. Oversized windows and doors not only provide a beautiful aesthetic but also contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. Gone are the days when windows were sparsely used to bring light into the room because the wood was drafty and plenty of windows meant higher electricity bills.

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