How to Maximize Curb Appeal for Your Custom Home

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When visualizing your dream home, you have likely considered what the kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, and other areas inside your living space would look like. While these interior elements are undoubtedly crucial for appeal and liveability, it is important to give equal consideration to the exterior elements of your home to maximize its curb appeal. As a leading provider of quality custom homes, the team at Alderidge Construction knows how overwhelming home design can be when you are trying to make decisions for the interior and exterior of your home. That is why we have compiled some ideas to help you determine how to maximize curb appeal for your custom home.

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4 Ways to Ensure Optimal Curb Appeal for Your Custom Home

The following elements and features can drastically enhance curb appeal and make your home stand out to viewers:

1. Utilize Unique Siding and Various Textures

While many homes are constructed with standard vinyl siding, this material is not always enough to create a visually appealing and distinct home by itself. To create an outdoor space that is instantly appealing and eye-catching, consider mixing and matching different types of siding materials for different areas of your home. For example, you may choose horizontal vinyl siding for one section of your home and choose to change orientation with a vertical board and batten for another. You can then utilize rustic wooden trim elements for the areas around windows and bricks or stones for the exterior of your garage for visual variety. Explore different textures, colours, and shapes for a well-balanced exterior.

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2. Add a Front Porch

A front porch is an appealing and functional feature that will enhance the appeal of your custom home while giving you more space to relax and spend time with your family. To maximize appeal, be sure to keep the design open, bright, and inviting while choosing suitable furniture and other features.

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3. Invest in Unique Fixtures

Windows, doors, and trim are commonly overlooked elements of a home that can drastically increase or decrease curb appeal. Consider choosing large bay-style windows for the front of your home or utilize unique shapes to make your home stand out. For your door, be sure to choose a material and colour that ties other exterior design elements together.

4. Plant a Garden or Install a Fountain

The front yard is another commonly overlooked element when it comes to custom home design. While a thoughtfully designed and unique home may look great, its appeal can be reduced by a plain front yard. To ensure a consistently high level of appeal, consider planting a large garden or having a professional install a fountain in your front yard.

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