Renovation Ideas for Small Homes

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Remodelling the house is never easy, especially if you do not have a lot of space. Small spaces need a lot of careful thinking and planning, so before taking any steps and rebuilding your home, take a look at some renovation ideas for small homes that would be good to take into account. At Alderidge Construction, we know that home renovations add value to a property and, if you remodel a small home in a smart way, your living space should improve in many ways.

1. Think About Storage Solutions

One of the first renovation projects to consider when remodelling a small home is how you will utilize the space. To be precise, where will that extra storage space be found? The goal of remodelling small spaces is to make them look larger and spacious, which means having as little clutter as possible. This can easily be resolved with smart storage solutions. So wherever there is empty, unused space, think about placing a shelf or cabinet there. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Floor-to-ceiling shelving
  • Open kitchen cabinets
  • Storage space under the staircase
  • Use retractable drawers
  • Use furniture that has storage

2. Use Sliding Walls

Sliding walls are a great way to open up the space when you need it and have some privacy when you do not. One of the common renovation mistakes people make is that they do not consider taking down walls. Replace doors and dividing walls with sliding glass doors or walls, and you will see a huge difference immediately.

3. Embrace the Open Space Concept

The best way to open up the small space is to open everything up. So remove all the unnecessary walls and doors and arrange the living space in one area. For example, if there is a wall that divides the kitchen from the living room, tear it down and place the kitchen counter to serve as a divider but still open the place up.

4. Let the Light In

If you hire a construction company to do a renovation, one of the first things they will suggest is to add more light to a living space. That can be natural light (more windows) or, if this is not possible, more artificial light installed in the right amount.

5. Keep Everything Simple

Lastly, when renovating a small home, remember to keep everything light and simple. Use bright colours as they will help the space feel more spacious. Also, use some bold colours but in a reasonable amount. Bold, strong colours used in small amounts will add a personal touch to the space and will also make the space pop out even more.

If you need any help with the upcoming renovation project, feel free to contact Alderidge Construction company. We will be more than happy to help you with the project and provide the needed assistance to make your small house a dream home.