Smart Features to Include in Your Custom Home

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When it comes to custom home design, many individuals will direct their attention to their kitchen, bathrooms, and the exterior appearance of their dream living space. While each of these elements are undeniably important for any project, several other areas should be considered when creating a design for your new home. In addition to aesthetics and the materials used for your home, it is worth considering the technology and smart features you wish to include as they will have a significant impact on your home’s liveability, efficiency, and comfort. As a leading manufacturer of quality custom homes, the team at Alderidge Construction knows how important technology is for modern living spaces. That is why we have compiled a list of smart features to include in your custom home.

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3 Smart Features That Will Enhance any Custom Home

The following smart features should be considered for every modern home:

1. Smart Thermostats

While manually adjusting your thermostat is easy, it can be difficult to remember to adjust the temperature before bed or before you leave for work. Failure to adjust your thermostat during these times can drastically increase your energy bill. That is why it is worth installing a smart thermostat for your custom home. These units allow you to set an automated heating/cooling schedule, eliminating the need for manual adjustments while ensuring optimal energy usage. Certain units can also be remotely adjusted through a phone app, allowing you to change your temperature settings from any location.

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2. Wireless Security Systems

Wireless cameras and smart lock systems are a great way to monitor your home and keep your family safe. Most smart locks can be controlled via a phone app, allowing you to lock your door from any location if you forgot to do so before leaving for the day. This functionality is also true for cameras as they can be used with a phone app to monitor key areas of your home and often feature notifications/alerts for potential security risks.

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3. Smart Lighting Systems and Blinds

Smart lighting systems allow you to optimize energy efficiency for your home without compromising visibility, safety, or comfort. Many modern lighting systems utilize motion detection to activate lights while an individual is in a room and deactivate them once they leave. Most systems also feature options for dimming, brightening, and changing the colour of lights all through a phone app, allowing you to easily optimize the appeal and ambiance of every room.

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