Tips for Eco-Friendly Building

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Building a home or taking on a renovation is an exciting venture, but with the growing concerns about our environment, it is vital to make choices that are not only beautiful and functional but also eco-friendly. At Alderidge Construction, we understand the importance of sustainable construction practices. As experts in the field, we are here to share some vital tips for eco-friendly building.

1. Choose Eco-Friendly Materials From the Start

Using sustainable materials not only reduces the environmental footprint of your building but also provides long-term financial benefits. Be on the lookout for recycled or reclaimed wood, or use bamboo, which is a fast-growing renewable resource. When choosing paint, use non-toxic, low-VOC paints and finishes. They are better for the people applying it and for the environment.

2. Insulation and Energy Efficiency

One of the best ways to ensure your home is eco-friendly is to focus on energy efficiency, especially in a volatile market. Make sure to invest in high-quality insulation to reduce heating and cooling demands. Some tips here would be opting for double or triple-pane windows to minimize energy loss and using insulating concrete forms or structural insulated panels.

3. Natural Lighting

Make the most of sunlight to reduce dependence on artificial lighting. We can help you design spaces with large, strategically placed windows to allow maximum natural light. We can also incorporate skylights or light tubes in areas where windows are not feasible.

4. Eco-Friendly Landscaping

The space around your home is just as important as the structure itself. Choose native plants that require less maintenance and water. You can also use natural and eco-friendly materials to build appealing outdoor features for your custom home.

You should also avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Choose natural or organic alternatives and implement permeable paving solutions to allow water to percolate into the ground while reducing runoff.

5. Sustainable Waste Management

Throughout the construction process, it is important to prioritize waste reduction and sustainable disposal methods of the debris. You should separate recyclable materials from non-recyclable ones or recycle some old materials into the new project.

With the expertise of companies like Alderidge Construction, achieving an eco-friendly building is easier than ever. We invite you to schedule a consultation with our construction experts and get a guided plan. Contact us at or call us directly at 1-844-RENO-453.