4 Timeless Custom Home Designs

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If you are looking to design a custom home, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. With so many options in terms of materials, design styles, and features, the start of the construction process can feel overwhelming. Though there are many popular designs for custom homes, some will be a better fit for your family and lifestyle than others. As leading providers of custom homes and renovation solutions, the team at Alderidge Construction understands the challenges associated with choosing a final design. That is why our team has compiled a list of 4 timeless custom home designs to help you learn the differences between each and choose the best option for your preferences.

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Custom Home Designs that are Always in Style

The following custom home designs are popular choices that can stand the test of time:

1. Craftsman

Craftsman custom home designs typically feature natural exterior materials such as wood, stone, and brick, giving them a rustic and timeless appeal. Many homes in this style also feature covered front porches with square or round columns, low-pitched roofs, exposed beams, strong horizontal lines, and a more open floor plan. This makes craftsman homes a great fit for many family configurations and lifestyles. Popular colours for craftsman homes include “earthy” tones such as green, brown, or taupe.

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2. Coastal Contemporary

The exterior of a coastal contemporary home will typically feature clean and defined lines, natural materials, and an abundance of light. This design style is often associated with modern living and relaxation while embracing nature by using large windows to provide unimpeded views of nearby water, fields, and other natural elements. This makes the home more modern, airy, and bright, giving it the feeling of a modern art gallery.

3. Mediterranean

A Mediterranean custom home typically features an open style with large exterior windows and doors, red-tiled roofs, and brick or stucco siding that has been painted white. Other details include stone, iron, and metalwork on windows, over front doors, and the presence of ponds or pools. Mediterranean homes are ideal for warmer climates and for those that want a simple yet elegant living space.

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4. Traditional

Simple rooflines, symmetrical windows, and minimal exterior decoration are all common qualities of a traditional custom home. These homes mix many classic and simple designs, merging past and present to create a timeless design that is suitable for most lifestyles. Traditional homes are typically two storeys tall and utilize common materials such as brick, wood, stucco, and stone. These designs are predictable and familiar, making them cozy and comfortable for most.

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