5 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Custom Home

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When it comes to designing and constructing a custom home, most homeowners will focus on features and aesthetics without giving much thought to useable space and storage. Though this will result in a beautiful modern home, it may compromise comfort and liveability while increasing the potential for clutter. As leading providers of large-scale renovations and custom homes, the team at Alderidge Construction understands the importance of having enough space for you and your family. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 ways to maximize space in your custom home to optimize comfort and long-term liveability.

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5 Tips to Maximize Space

To maximize space for your new custom home, consider the following tips:

1. Create Multipurpose Rooms

A great way to maximize space in your custom home is to utilize fewer walls and create more multipurpose rooms. Instead of dedicating one room for an office and another for a media room, consider creating one larger room that can be used for a variety of purposes. By reducing the number of walls in your home, you free up space, increase visibility, and enhance livability for your family.

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2. Utilize Shelving and Storage

The creative use of shelving and storage cabinets can reduce clutter and free up floor space. Certain rooms can also double as storage areas, allowing you to store seasonal decorations, family heirlooms, and other items in a safe place without impeding walkways and common areas. Consider utilizing aesthetic wall-based shelving, under-stairs storage, and unique cabinets to maximize storage space while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

3. Create an Efficient and Organized Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest and most visited room in most homes. While many homeowners focus on backsplashes, appliances, and countertops, it is equally important to consider the size and number of cabinets in the space. This will ensure that you have enough space for appliances, dishes, and other items without taking up counter space.

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4. Open Your Entryway

The entryway/foyer is the first thing you, your family, and your guests see when entering your home. It is also the last thing everyone sees when leaving. Using wall-mounted hooks, mirrors, and open shelving is a great way to avoid the use of benches, coat racks, and shoe racks, freeing up space.

5. Plan for the Future

Families grow and lifestyles change over time. When designing your floor plan and choosing storage systems, be sure to consider if your space will suit your needs 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years in the future. This will help to ensure that your systems are built to deliver lasting efficiency.

To learn more about our custom home building solutions or to learn how to optimize your new living space, get in touch with the team at Alderidge Construction. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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