Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2021

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If you are thinking about updating your bathroom in the new year, paying attention to the latest bathroom renovation trends will help you decide which features you should include in your design. At Alderidge Construction, we know that there is nothing better than having a spa-like bathroom to retreat to after a hard day’s work. That is why our team has put together a list of bathroom renovation ideas for 2021 to help you create the space you deserve.

1. Open-Concept Showers

One of the biggest bathroom trends that will continue to gain popularity throughout 2021 is having an open-concept shower. Open-concept showers are installed with drainage systems that are specifically designed to help prevent water from spilling out into the rest of the bathroom, such as a slightly slanted and reinforced floor that forces the water to run toward the drain. Check to make sure that the renovation company you select has a specialist (Schluter certified representative) on their team if you are planning on having a “curb less” (barrier free) shower system, as they will be able to provide you with a seamless, continuous look on the shower floor straight through the shower.

2. Vanity Options

Double sink vanities have once again become a must-have feature in the master bathroom. Depending on the practical space needed in the vanity, one design option is to have a floating vanity to create the feeling of additional space. Another option that has become popular is to install a vanity at kitchen countertop height (36”) rather than the traditional vanity height (32”). Depending on who is using the bathroom, this height may be a more comfortable level for an individual’s needs.

3. Wood Elements

Incorporating wood elements, such as exposed beams, a wooden vanity, or a wood feature wall, can be a great way to provide your bathroom with a drastic change without having to revamp the entire layout. For smaller bathrooms, placing wooden laundry baskets, framed mirrors, or towel racks can be a great way to add wood into the space.

4. Unique Tiles

Consider swapping out traditional tiles with something unexpected. Tiles are available in a wide selection of different colours, textures, materials, and shapes—hexagon, fish scales, triangles, diamonds, and herringbone—making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your unique wants and needs.

If you would like to learn more bathroom renovation ideas for 2021, or if you are interested in our renovation services, please contact Alderidge Construction at 1-844-RENO-453 or by booking a consultation on our website. Our dedicated team members would love to help you design and build the perfect bathroom for your specific wants and needs.

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