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Getting to know some of the upcoming custom home design trends for 2020 can help you decide which trends to include in your new custom home. At Alderidge Construction, we want to help you create a home that is beautiful, functional, and up to date on the latest trends and styles. That is why our professional team has put together a list of some of our favourite upcoming trends for 2020.

1. Industrial Elements

One of the current trends that will continue to rise in popularity throughout 2020 is incorporating industrial elements throughout the home. This trend works to combine elements of iron, wood, aluminum, and even recycled plastic to create simple lines and the absence of surface elements.

2. Home Automation Systems

Another trend that will continue to move upward throughout 2020 is the use of home automation systems for controlling the temperature, lights, and security features. Smart home building features provide homeowners with greater comfort, while also helping to reduce their electrical and heating bills.

3. Open and Multipurpose Spaces

More and more homeowners are choosing to combine different areas of the home to create open sightlines and increasingly fluid spaces. By opening up the space and eliminating unnecessary walls, homeowners are able to gain more useable square footage, while also creating practical, functional spaces that work for the whole family.

4. Bathrooms Designed for Relaxation

Nowadays, the bathroom is no longer just a space dedicated to personal care, but a space to relax in after a hard day’s work. Bathrooms in 2020 will trend toward becoming spa-like spaces that incorporate saunas, whirlpools, and hydro massage cabins for encouraged relaxation. This newer trend in bathrooms will also focus on using lighter palette colours and tiles that promote cleanliness and transmit calm and serenity.

5. Year-Round Outdoor Spaces

One of the biggest custom home design trends for 2020 is creating outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed all year long. By enclosing an outdoor space with glass systems that can be opened up fully in the summer months or by incorporating an outdoor firepit, outdoor spaces like terraces and balconies can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.

If you would like to learn more about the upcoming custom home design trends for 2020, or if you are interested in our custom home building services, please contact Alderidge Construction at 1-844-RENO-453 or by booking a consultation on our website.

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