Do it yourself or call the professionals?

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In the home renovation and insurance restoration industry, we get the privilege of meeting many people and seeing many homes. Last year we were in close to 250 homes all over the greater Vancouver area from Richmond to Hope. Being in that many homes, we have seen a wide variety in the way that people choose to take care (or not take care!) of their homes as they age. We have seen many “home owner projects” (renovations and maintenance), and all kinds of “do it yourself” projects. Sometimes home owners will do the work themselves because they enjoy it, but often times it is done simply to save some money. It is true that at times money can be saved, but there are times when it ends up costing more if it is not done properly.  From what we have seen, we have found that the areas where the most damage can be done by “doing it yourself” are when dealing with:

  1. >  Electrical work
  2. >  Plumbing
  3. >  Structural components of a home


So don’t let a small project turn into a big hassle! Call a professional to help you renovate your bathroom, update your kitchen or help you with your latest project and save yourself some stress!  Get in touch with us today!

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