Factors that Affect the Cost of Custom Homes

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When it comes to designing and building a custom home, the total price is a major factor in the decision-making process. Knowing the factors that affect the cost of custom homes will allow you to make informed choices that control the total price of your dream home. At Alderidge Construction, our team understands the many unique elements that go into every custom home we build. That is why our team has compiled a list of major factors that influence the price of most custom homes.

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Factors that Influence Custom Home Prices

Many factors can affect the price of your custom home but a few of them stand above the rest. The following factors often have the largest impact on custom home prices:

House Location

Before your custom home has even been started, one of your largest costs will be the land that you wish to build it on. Certain locations will cost more than others, greatly affecting the total price. Some locations may also require extensive bulldozing, tree removal, or other services to make the land suitable for building. If you are building in a remote location, it will take longer to transport materials to the site, increasing your costs.

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Total Size

In most cases, larger houses will cost more than smaller homes due to requiring more materials. It is important to note, however, that the cost per square foot will often decrease for larger homes. This is because more expensive items and rooms are spread out over more space, reducing the amount of monetary value located within each square foot.

Design Complexity

In addition to size, the design of your home will drastically impact the cost. For example, a 2,500 sq ft home with 3 full bathrooms will likely cost more than a home of the same size with 2 full bathrooms. This is because bathrooms are often more expensive to build than a bedroom or den.

The number of floors can also impact price. For example, a 2,000 sq ft 2-floor home would cost less than a single-storey home of the same size. The 2-floor home would have a smaller footprint and require less land, reducing the size of the foundation and roof while maintaining the same amount of living space.

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