How Much Does a Large-Scale Renovation Cost?

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Whether you need additional space for your growing family or want to update the look and feel of your home, there are many reasons to consider a large-scale home renovation. When trying to determine how much a large-scale renovation costs, there are many different factors to consider. While some of these factors may be easy to think of, others are easy to miss. That is why the home renovation experts at Alderidge Construction have put together some information to help you understand which factors to consider for your project.

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3 Factors That Will Influence the Cost of Your Renovation

The following factors will significantly influence the total cost of your renovation project:

1. The Age of Your Home

If your home is several decades old, your renovation project may require additional work to remove outdated and potentially unsafe features. For example, if your home is more than 40 years old, you may have aluminum wiring or potentially hazardous insultation. Both elements are unsafe, especially when compared to modern products. While removing these elements and replacing them with modern alternatives is crucial for your project, it will require additional labour, materials, and permitting, increasing the cost of your renovation.

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2. The Complexity of Your Project

Certain rooms cost more to renovate than others. For example, renovating your living room will typically cost less than a complete kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation. This is because kitchen and bathroom renovations often require work for plumbing systems in addition to drywall, flooring, and electrical systems, increasing the final cost. In addition to the rooms you wish to renovate, you will need to consider the total size of your home, as larger homes will typically cost more to renovate due to increased material and labour requirements.

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3. Materials and Products

When choosing materials, appliances, light fixtures, and other products for your renovation project, it is worth attempting to strike a balance between value and quality. While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest products on the market, this can result in reduced appeal and longevity for your flooring, countertops, and fixtures. For example, you may opt for cheaper appliances to reduce the cost of your renovation, but these appliances will likely not last as long as high-quality units. Alternatively, products like vinyl flooring can provide great value, appeal, and longevity, making it a great choice for most homes. By working with a professional renovator, you can review your options and choose the best products for your wants, needs, and budget.

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