Jon Boyle

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Jon Boyle has worked as a tradesman for Alderidge since January 2014. He is loved by the crew and is notorious for singing a little tune to himself while he works! Jon is a great framer and excels at Alderidge Group (4 of 23)finishing work, taking great pride in precision and the finished product. Part of Jon’s passion and aspiration for finishing is attributed to his Dad, who is also a very talented finishing carpenter.

Jon’s favourite style of home renovations is rustic and traditional, with a touch of added creativity, including feature walls and rustic mantles.

Recently, Jon obliterated the rest of the Alderidge crew in a game of Frisbee golf at Pender Island! He won the solo tournament and was rewarded two tickets to a White Caps game and dinner with his wife. In addition to frisbee golf, he enjoys drawing, working on his home and creating custom wood furniture. In fact, one day Jon aspires to have his own custom woodworking shop where he can express his creativity and passion for custom pieces.

Jon’s current wood working project is arguably the most important one yet- a crib! He and his wife, Kaitlin are expecting a little girl in September and they couldn’t be more excited. Before their days and nights are filled with diapers, toys and sleepless nights, the Boyle’s are taking an extra special trip down the Oregon Coast to experience their love of traveling together.

Jon is loved by the crew because of his positive attitude and his heart for people. He exemplifies sacrificial leadership and is always willing to go the extra mile to make people feel welcomed. People enjoy being around Jon because of his laid back attitude and his interest in the lives of those around him. We are thankful to have him on our team!

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