The Permit Process

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We get a large number of our customers requesting information about the permit process. Depending on the jurisdiction, permits can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to process; however, the time of year and other variables, including the amount of people employed at the City, can affect the permit process for custom homes and home renovations.

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You have two options before you obtain your permit. The first is to go through the permit process on your own. The second is to employ Alderidge at an hourly rate to complete the permit process for you.

If you decide to do the permit process on your own, the City has all of the requirements under the “Planning and Development” section on their website. They also have a phone number to call if you are running into challenges. Once the permit has been stamped by the City, then Alderidge will step in to help with pricing and details for the project.

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If you decide to have Alderidge go through the permit process for you, this is the timeline and process we will coordinate:

1. Choose a design company to draft plans (immediately)

2. Obtain copies of original plans from the city (copied from microfiche) and drop off at design company (within 1 week)

3. Plans drawn for renovation and copy given to Alderidge for quoting purposes (engineer where needed) (week 2 or 3)

4. Plan submissions to the City (week 2 or 3)

5. Permits issued by City and stamped copy picked up (3rd-8th week)

6. Communication with Alderidge if changes from City were noted

7. Walk through on site with trades to determine relevant pricing (7th or 8th week)

8. Detailed pricing for the project (7th or 8th week)

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