What to Consider for Multigenerational Custom Homes

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Multigenerational living is becoming increasingly popular as families seek to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for multiple generations under one roof. Custom homes designed to accommodate various family members are rising in response to this growing trend. These multigenerational custom homes offer practical and flexible living spaces that cater to the needs of different generations while promoting togetherness and privacy. As a leading custom home builder, Alderidge Construction understands the unique needs and desires of families looking to build multigenerational custom homes. That is why we have compiled information on what to consider for multigenerational custom homes.

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5 Key Factors for Building a Multigenerational Home

Several essential factors must be considered to ensure a harmonious and functional living arrangement for everyone involved, including:

1. Space Planning and Design

Effective space planning is crucial to ensure that each family member has private areas while fostering opportunities for shared family time. Consider incorporating separate wings, self-contained living units, or dedicated living spaces for each generation. This way, grandparents, parents, and children can enjoy their privacy when needed and come together for bonding and shared experiences.

2. Accessibility and Universal Design

To accommodate all family members, including anyone with mobility challenges, prioritize accessibility and universal design features in your custom home. Consider features such as wide hallways and doorways, step-less entries, and an elevator or chairlift if multiple floors are part of the design. Universal design elements ensure that your home is safe and easy to navigate for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

3. Private Suites and Living Spaces

Offering private suites or living spaces for each generation is an essential aspect of multigenerational custom homes. This allows every family member to have their own space and remain independent while being part of the larger household. Private suites can include bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting areas, and small kitchenettes, providing a sense of autonomy for grandparents or adult children living at home.

4. Shared Gathering Areas

While private spaces are essential, creating shared gathering areas is equally important. Design communal spaces such as a spacious living room, family kitchen, or outdoor patio, where family members can come together for meals, conversations, and recreational activities. These shared spaces foster a sense of unity and facilitate bonding among family members.

5. Enhanced Security

Smart locks, video doorbells, and security cameras can provide peace of mind by allowing you to monitor who enters and leaves your property remotely. Additionally, integrating a comprehensive alarm system will deter potential intruders while quickly responding to emergencies such as fires or break-ins.

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